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Enjoy a taste of Turkish food this Christmas-time

Mix things up a bit this year and enjoy some incredible Turkish food during the festive period.

Featuring some of our favourite Turkish dishes, our Christmas menu is now live! Bring your friends, family and work colleagues to Cappadocia for your annual festive gathering and leave the rest to us!

Service with a festive smile

We know a thing or two about good service, and that only heightens at Christmas time! With Christmas sparkle spread throughout the wintery air, we do our best to ensure your celebrations can continue as you step inside to dine with us. Our food may not be Roast Turkey and stuffing, but you have Christmas day for that! Enjoy some traditional Turkish food as part of your Christmas celebrations and we promise, you won’t regret it. Listed below are some favourite options from our Christmas Menu, placed together to give your Christmas that extra bit of magic.


Our layered vegetables and potatoes, topped with béchamel sauce and cheese is an all-time favourite. Certain to impress the veggies in your group, this hearty and filling dish is exactly what you want at Christmas-time.

Kuzu Güveḉ – (Lamb Casserole)

Made with cubes of lamb, mushrooms, onions, aubergine, mixed peppers, turkish peppers and tomato, this dish combines a mix of incredible flavours. Cooked and served in an Earthenware pot, this casserole dish ticks all the boxes for a winter-warming, tasteful meal.

Adana Köfte

Pefectly-cooked meat is a must at Chrismas and is a key part to Turkish cuisine. Our hand-minced spicy lamb meat is mixed with herbs and cooked on our charcoal grill for that unique flavour.


Christmas is the time for sweet treats and indulgence, our Christmas menu therefore reflects that as we present to you with some of our best Turkish desserts. Listed below, you will find our festive favourites.


A Middle Eastern pastry consisting of phyllo layers, crushed pistachio nuts and butter, baked and soaked in a honey or sugar syrup. You have got to give this a try, we promise it’s amazing!

Kabak Tatlisi (Christmas Special)

Made with Christmas in mind, this dessert ticks all the festive boxes. With both Turkish Pumpkin and walnuts, we know it’s a winner. Topped with coconut for that extra special dusting of snow.